I love my kids, but sometimes I cannot wait to get back to work

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Some days I have so much fun playing in bed with the kids before getting up and starting the chore of making the bed, getting breakfast started… I am in awe of how amazing these two human beings are and how different but how much the same. Then there are days where I cannot wait to get to work. Am I a bad mother? Sometimes I wonder, after 3 long days, lots of time outs and constant clinging of a one year old… I am excited it is Sunday, and I am starting my week at work again. Because I am a chef, I work strange hours, but since having my son (who is now 3) I only work 4 days a week. They are sometimes quite long days… but come Wednesday night… I am off… then I don’t head back until Sunday.

Sometimes Sunday comes too fast… I fight back a tear as I say goodbye to the kids and head out the door… others times… I’m running and not even looking back. I don’t know if it is lack of me time… or what..I am constantly in a battle over this.

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