I’ve Come a Long Way

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…a friend told me today that I should write a blog… I explained to her that I am not really that good with words, and I speak more with my food. It got me to thinking… thinking that I have come a long way.

I don’t think anyone that knows me now, would ever have thought that I was plagued with eating disorders when I was a teenager. Imagine that, a chef, someone who works with food everyday… being at times anorexic and bulemic (more anorexic). I think it is a bit ironic, and empowering. I know now that my food issues when I was young were more about having control in my life (which with two young children of my own right now) I have come to realize there is no such thing…

I have a good relationship with food now, and I enjoy cooking it, eating it and more importantly preparing it for others. I find it therapeutic to knead dough to make beautiful loaves of bread, or to whip sugar and butter to a perfect “creaming method” till the butter turns white and the sugar has almost dissolved, or to slowly sauté a mirepoix to bring out the best flavor in a soup… it is a relaxing therapy of senses that I have come to enjoy over the years.

If you were to ask me when did it all change, when did the switch go off in my head, I really couldn’t tell you… all I know is, I can make a kick ass Italian butter cream, and I’ll even lick the beaters.

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