Staples, life and the kitchen sink

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I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately, food blogs to be specific…wanting to feel inspired, and feeling a bit unhealthy.

Ok, really unhealthy.

After having my third child I am just not getting back into the swing of things like I used to, call it age (I am 42) or going from a full-time job outside the home to a full-time mom & starting up a business in the home…….I’m just a bit off course, and well, my body doesn’t seem to hesitate to remind me.

I think back to my twenties, and even my thirties where I ate what I wanted, worked out when I could….and just seemed to stay in pretty decent shape. Well, it’s not happening now.

When I had my first child the weight came off, almost instantly, I was breastfeeding and by the time he was 4 months old I was slimmer than before I got pregnant. Cut to my second birth, probably took me about a year to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight… of course my thought process went (or rather excuse after I had my third was), “well now this will probably be TWO years!” So here I am, Miss T is now one, and I am beginning to feel the need to get back on track….feel better about myself, and healthier. I know many variables have changed, but I still think I have it in me. For instance I set myself a goal this year that I would like to run a marathon before I turn 43 (this coming from a non-runner), so I figure I need to begin training, eating healthier and investing in this here body that has thus far been pretty good to me.

So here I sit….checking out food blogs, healthy eating sites, eating plans and I have noticed a lot of tips and hints about what people keep in their pantry/fridge. So that got me to thinking..what are my staples, what are my must haves, what can I not live without….and I came up with this list (in no particular order). *please note, this is also after a very tough week with barely anything in the fridge (I mean..bare)…
cumin/chili powder/oregano/basil/sirache/braggs amino acids
olive oil/coconut oil/sesame oil/safflower oil
frozen basil/cilantro & garlic cubes (from trader joes)
(sometimes you need garlic and that nice bulb that you bought a week ago has already started to sprout…that’s why these are amazing, there when you need them)
canned ch. tomates, black beans, olives, coconut milk
sushi rice, brown rice, basmati rice, red lentils, quinoa, oats & cornmeal
ginger, onions, frozen peas & frozen corn
ground turkey (I usually have one in the fridge and one in freezer
whole chicken (also one in the freezer)
chicken drumsticks (an inexpensive, quick meal with so many seasoning options) at Trader Joes, Organic drumsticks $3 for 6 (now that’s a deal) stock up on these in the freezer too

Now with this list I can make a plethora of meals that my kids love! ie. ground turkey can go many different ways…turkey larb, chili rice black bean dish, meatloaf, spanish meatballs, chili (you get the picture)…..

As mentioned before, I’ve been checking out these “other” pantry lists………and the conclusion I have come to is this….that I guess I’m not doing so bad. On a whole, our family eats really healthy and we do not really buy any processed foods….so I am beginning to feel that maybe that “healthy life” and “healthy attitude” just might be within my reach.

So what’s a must have in your pantry?

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