“Sweet Pea Organics is based on the idea that a life well lived is one that is simple, balanced and pure. These simple recipes were designed to bring you the basic building blocks of life in a convenient and fun way. Of course they are made with the finest organic ingredients, but know that the most important ingredient in any recipe is the love with which it is prepared.  Sweet Pea Organics, made from the freshest and nutrient-rich foods available, with an extra heap of love on top for good measure.”

~Sweet Pea, Grace,  Jujube & Coco Bean

Coco Bean, Sweet Pea & Jujube

Coco Bean, Sweet Pea & Jujube



Professional Experience

I have been a chef for over twenty years. With my roots firmly planted in Oregon I acquired my first culinary certification at Lane Community College in Eugene. Craving more I applied for and was accepted to the highly acclaimed Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in Hyde Park, New York. During my externship for CIA, I traveled to the rugged West Coast of Ireland to work at the renowned Balleymaloe House Bed & Breakfast with its world famous Balleymaloe Cookery School. Here specifically was where I was taught and learned of fresh ingredients picked straight out of the field, washed and cooked up for dinner. Where a daily chore working in Sweets was to go to the chicken coop and collect eggs. After completing my training overseas and in New York, I then worked in restaurants in Boston, San Diego & Los Angeles which led to the opportunity of being a Private Chef for the past ten years for various clients in Malibu and Beverly Hills.

On a Personal Note

I have been a Private Chef for more than 10 years, couple that with my large family background and swim instructor experience…

I guess you could say I have always been around kids. That is why when I had my first child, nick-named “Sweet Pea” when he was just the bump in the belly, it was natural that I would make his first foods.  Then along came “Jujube” & “Cocoa Bean” which made me more determined than ever to find the healthiest and most nutritious food and snacks for my children.

I have looked at what is available as snacks for toddlers & kids and do not like the large quantities of sugar and salt that I see.  I am also a big proponent of no-wheat for young children, I do not feel it is good for their gut and, like many high allergen foods, should be avoided until their stomach has fully developed.  That is why I created Wheat-Free Teething Biscuits and the Toddler Protein Bar.  Not to be excluded we have recently developed a LACTATION bar for mama’s in need.  Upset by what I saw in the “News Media” about Lactation Cookies (basically giving a new mom a cookie, with a few key ingredients that could possible help milk supply), I knew that I could do better.  My Aunt Joan and I went into the kitchen, and tested out on a group of women struggling with milk production, and viola, the Lactation Bar was developed.  Packed full of healthy good for you ingredients containing protein, potassium and ingredients that have been known to help in milk production like Oat, Flax and Fenugreek. We now proudly offer Queasy Thins, a thin bar for morning sickness, gut issues or people going through chemo-therapy!

We want YOU to know, that we are with you mama’s every step of the way,(and your little pea’s too)!

My long-term goal of Sweet Pea Organics is to create bars for Special needs Children/Adults who have problems getting enough protein in their diet (inexpensive and selling in a larger bag, like our teething biscuits),  and wheat & animal free Adult Protein Bars.

We owe it to ourselves, our kids, and our planet to eat responsibly and healthy!

Bon Appetite!

12_12_068Auntie Joan

I’m Grace’s Auntie Joan. I was born in 1952, into a family of teachers and independent entrepreneurs. Did I mention they were wonderful cooks? One of my earliest memories was helping my grandmother churn butter that we formed into balls and wrapped in waxed paper. These were carefully placed in a row in the refrigerator to chill. My Auntie Gladys rolled out dough for hand cut noodles that she let me drop into a pot of boiling water. Our family home was built on our Grandparents’ land surrounded by orchards of filberts, walnuts and cherries. on this land our Grandpa Lewis grew berries of all kinds, vegetables, including giant pumpkins, and State Fair Prize -winning Dahlias. My mother learned creative ways to integrate nuts into every dish under the sun. After all, we started each winter with a 100 lb. bag of walnuts and filberts. It was only natural that I would have a love of locally grown fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts. My sister Anne won first prize in a women’s magazine for her famous Lentil recipe…….. Anne is Grace’s mother. Are you seeing the thread here?

In the late 1960’s I dated the son of Frank’s Natural Foods and German Smoked Meats Store. I was immediately exposed to the concept of Organic foods, whole grains, natural sweeteners, uncured meats, and natural healing through diet. My first cookbook was “Diet for a Small Planet”. I was on my way to a new way of thinking.

It wasn’t until I married in 1975 and started a family, that my commitment to health through natural foods was firmly put into practice. With three children under the age of 5, I wanted to start them off with a love of healthy foods. Fruits, veggies, unprocessed whole foods were the things to grab for quick energy snacks. Having married into a Chinese family I was exposed to wonderful family recipes and cooking techniques. Quick stir-frying using fresh veggies resulted in crisp flavorful delights. I applied the principles of whole grains, and healthy oils and sweeteners and voila’ a marriage of two cooking cultures. I also became aware of food allergies found in different cultures especially Asian. Rice was a staple in our family over wheat and cow’s milk was introduced sparingly.

In 1981, with three little ones in tow and a husband in Grad School, I opened a little ballet studio out of our rental duplex in Eugene. There was an upstairs artist studio that transformed nicely. Soon a trail of children of all ages came through the door. For hungry students, I would lay out a tray of sliced apples and a bowl of naturally popped corn with a sprinkle of wheat germ on top.

Grace was one of my first students and she was as natural at dance as she is at her cooking craft.

Fast forward 25+ years. Grace returns to Oregon after a long career of being a chef. She and her young family now live in the house her mother and I grew up in, built by her grandfather, on my grandfather’s land, making five generations to have lived here. Completing the circle, Grace asked me to join her in a new adventure, Sweet Pea Organics. The rest is history in the making……All Aboard!