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Being a Mom……

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              The other day I was excited that my husband had gotten off work early and I would be able to drive (without kids) to pick up my five year old. I was happy to have some alone time and to be able to talk to him about his… Read more »

Staples, life and the kitchen sink

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I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately, food blogs to be specific…wanting to feel inspired, and feeling a bit unhealthy. Ok, really unhealthy. After having my third child I am just not getting back into the swing of things like I used to, call it age (I am 42) or going from a full-time… Read more »

Post It Note Day

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As I was nursing Miss T to sleep this afternoon, I thought about the amazing project I participated in during the holidays “12 days of love letter writing” (thanks Angie Mizzell), and I thought….ok, I have to continue this in my daily life. I like the thought of leaving little pick me up, make me… Read more »